A great bargain with large terrace
A great bargain with large terrace
This delightful property is close to the Negresco hotel, the beaches and the sea in a charming Nicois style building which has just been recently painted. Click on the photo for more information.
The FT says Nice is an investor hotspot
The FT says Nice is an investor hotspot

The Financial Times says that Nice has become one of the hottest spots to invest in on the Mediterranean, after a four year beautification programme that has transformed this vibrant, exciting city.

Nice Tramway - is now open and running

The Nice tram line has been one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, because along with the new line the local authorities have taken the chance to completely regenerate the downtown area of Nice. It has a new spectacular pedestrian piazza in the form of place Massena, tree lined streets and car free zones. It's not an over statement to say that with the trams finally running, Nice has become one of the most modern, gracious and pedestrian friendly cities on the Mediterranean.

The centre-piece of the tramway is the tree-lined open plaza that has been finished on the Place Massena (above). Cars will have only one lane across the three acre site which means pedestrians will be able to roam from shop to restaurant to beach with out coming into contact with cars and pollution. They will be able to relax under the fully grown trees that have been dotted across the plaza and catch the tram to the main railway station, the port and any other areas of interest. The trams, which are being built in Northern France, will be the next generation silent rolling stock that generate very little sound due mainly to the material used for construction - for example, the trams will be fitted with computer controlled anti-vibrating systems and the tracks have been placed placed on floating sleepers that sit on a bed of high tech rubber.†

As well as this, the central positioning on the streets and boulevards prevents any possible ground vibration in the surrounding buildings. In true French style the infrastructure for the new line includes some spectacular and award winning architecture in the form of the terminal buildings at each end of the line and the stations which will have up-to-date computer information terminals that will tell you the frequency of the service, when the next tram will arrive and if there is any problems on the line. The project will transform Nice from a traffic blackspot, to a gracious pedestrian-friendly city on the sea.

All along the layout of the tram, Nice will benefit from an urban face lift that carefully respects the character of each district. The arrival of the tram in Nice will make it possible to up-date the surrounding urban space to make it more functional and user-friendly. Thus, the tram will allow the better sharing of public space between cars, cyclists and pedestrians


The use of the tramway will reduce the number of cars in the city centre which will in turn prevent a growing problem of road traffic, pollution and noise. Businesses surrounding the Tramway will benefit from easy access for their employees and customers.† The same goes for property.† District areas have been cleaned-up, improved and mostly pedestrianised boosting the value of property.

Traveling on the Tramway will cost the same as the current buses at €1,30 (£0.87) for any distance, For ten Euros you can buy a book of ten tickets. Monthly passes will also be available making it altogether a cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly transport to use.

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Words from the TotallyRiviera staff

Director - Dennis Broadfield

"Nice's new tram line is a perfect example of how to respond to the problems of a congested and busy city with the key objective of making the project user friendly and inexpensive, running alongside the ambitious† goal of removing 30 percent of vehicle journeys from the downtown area, producing a much more elegant built-environment for the public. Other cities could learn a lesson from this completely integrated system, that provides the user with a safe, economical and pleasant mode of transport, linked to large, well thought out pedestrian areas for easy access to shopping and tourist facilities. And although the project is costing many millions of Euros, the pay off has already started. More and more tourists are seeing Nice as a destination in itself (not just an airline link to the rest of the Riviera) and property prices have been climbing because of the "tram effect". Also as many of the downtown areas along the route will become pedestrian friendly, better and more stylish shops and restaurants are opening along the route, in response to the influx of well-healed tourists and locals. The tramline and associated infrastructure has transformed Nice in a way that will have a continued economic effect for many years to come."

Sales - Kari Clouston

"Why-oh-why do I pay £14.00 pounds to go one-way from Gatwick Airport to central London when I can go twice the distance on one of Europe's most modern public transport systems for just £0.87 (€1.30). This is what good public transport is all about."