Tax and Legal issues

Tax in France

We would recommend that you seek professional advice on any tax implications however, you may wish to note the following:

As the new owner, you will be responsible for paying local property tax/rates (taxe fonciere) and, if you intend to live in the property, occupancy tax (taxe d'habitation). Compared to British or American local and federal taxes, these charges are minimal.

You may be liable for French tax when you sell the property or if you derive any income from it e.g. by letting. French tax may also be due if you die or if you give the property to someone else. In fact, French inheritance laws are different to those in the UK and you will be subject to these if you purchase in France. We recommend you seek professional advice.

You should note that you will need a French bank account to meet the bills due for your electricity, gas and other utilities. TotallyRiviera can recommend numerous local banks which are friendly and helpful to English speakers.

Property sales conditions

TotallyRiviera (the company) is a property finding company registered as a Limited Company in the UK. The company's sole responsibility is to research and find properties for its clients, then to bring the company's clients and the French property agent together for negotiation and purchase.

TotallyRiviera is not a real estate company in either France or the UK and does not accept payment from its clients for its services.

Therefore TotallyRiviera cannot accept any liability for advice, negotiations, consultation and/or contractual settlement between French estate agencies, the seller, notaires, lawyers or their agents and the company's clients.


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