Great views, villas and luxury apartments

Fabron is a suburb to the west of Nice, high up above the coast with green leafy streets, superb villas and some landmark apartment buildings. Fabron sits on the three main ridges that rise up from the coast and move inland towards northeast Nice, hence the views from most apartments and villas are spectacular.

Most of the apartments in this quarter because of their high above the coast have spectacular views.

From most of Fabron it's just a five-minute drive down the hills to the beaches and about ten minutes to the centre of Nice with it's shops and restaurants. The area is also served very well by public transport, with the number 3, 31, 62, 22, 60 and 73 bus lines running through the quarter to the hills behind.

The quarter didn't really exist until the early 1970s, and most of the apartment buildings were built during that time for well-healed local French. In the early 1990s the Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and Norwegians discovered the area and have been successfully integrating ever since. They love the wide tree-lined streets, modern buildings, security and facilities that the area offers.

Because Fabron's apartments were built as architects were starting to recognise that owners' wanted quality fittings and facilities, most of the buildings sit in grounds with big pools, gardens and in some case tennis courts. A two bedroom apartment in this region would weight in between €400,000 and €500,000.

Slightly higher up on Fabron there is always a good selection of villas with pools and large gardens on the market, starting from around €1,000,000. totallyRiviera believes that property in Fabron will be the next big market in Nice for buyers who want a safe, clean, modern environment with superb views just minutes from the beach.