The new tramline being built through Nice has caused much excitement among locals and property speculators alike and one of the areas experiencing a boom in investment because of this massive infrastructure project is Malaussena.

This quarter is fast becoming the investment hotspot of Nice as the tramline cuts right through the middle of it and will bring with it quick access to the beaches and shopping areas to the south, landscaped redeveloped pedestrian areas and active anti car measures. This will have the effect of turning the area into a very liveable, green and attractive suburb.

The building stock in this area is mostly Belle Epoque and Bourgeois and there are many fine examples of these buildings in different states of repair throughout the area. The photo above is an example of a Bourgeois building in the rue Mirabeau in the heart of Malaussena.

Many of the apartments in this area have been saved from the ravages of "get rich quick developers" who have ripped the heart out many buildings closer to the beach to squeeze in three or four apartments into what was once one. Many of the older apartments in Malaussena are still in their original configurations offering large spaces of up 300 square meters at surprising prices.

The Malaussena district sits on either side of the Avenue Malaussena (the extension of the Blvd Jean Medecin) and starts above the main railway line to the North of Nice.

This area has always been ignored by foreign buyers over the last decade because it seemed just to far away from the main entertainment, restaurant and beach areas of Nice. When the tramline opens the average ride down the Blvd Jean Medecin to the beaches will take about 6 to 7 minutes.

Professional developers are already taking advantage of the tramline with more and more reconditioned apartments coming onto the market in the area, but prices are still low compared to the more mainstream areas of Nice and there are many bargains still to be found.