Refined, elegant and Belle Epoque

The classy Musiciens quarter is as refined as they come. Made up of Rue Verdi, Rue Mozart et al. Its buildings shares many characteristics with those in the Carre d'Or area over the Boulevard Victor Hugo.

In terms of architecture this is a very different area from the Old Town, the Port, or Mont Boron. The building stock here is mostly made up of apartments dating from the prestigious belle epoque, bourgeois and Art Deco era.

Most of the buildings have large windows, wooden floors and architectural flourishes that are indicative of their time. Musiciens is less ostentatious, quieter and a little less expensive than the Carre d'Or five minutes away.

You wont find any night clubs in Musiciens - they don't do "flashy" in this neighbourhood, apart from the diamond rings worn by the conservative old grand dames who seem to populate this area in numbers. There is a certain elegance about Musiciens that is promulgated, it seems, by the discerning residents who live here. Although the Old Town and the beaches are only a ten to fifteen minute walk away.

The area has a well-known selection of quiet, elegant local restaurants habitated by the well-healed residents of this very chic area.

Apartments are mostly on the large side, a legacy of the general affluence of the area when it was constructed in the 1920s and 1930s. Fine two bedroomed properties near to all of Nice's amenties range from €250,000 to €400,000, with one bedroomed apartments and four bedroomed palatial properties available either side of that range.